Uncovering America’s Oldest City: St. Augustine


A city full of rich heritage, unique attractions, and charming sights, St. Augustine truly has it all. Whether you are traveling with the family, planning a road trip with friends, or looking for a romantic getaway, the nation’s oldest city surely won’t disappoint. As a native Floridian, it is truly refreshing to discover a place that is so diverse from the rest of the sunshine state. I mean, where else can you drink from the actual Fountain of Youth? This place is the real deal, ya’ll. I recently spent the weekend in this delightful little city and I’ve concluded that I absolutely must live here one day.

St. Augustine is home to a plethora of cozy bed and breakfasts. We chose to lodge at the Bayfront Westcott House, and I’m pretty sure it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. If it wasn’t obvious from the name, it is located directly on the bay. Talk about some serious views! Not only was the exterior totally adorable, but the inside of the house was as cute and welcoming as ever. We were offered cheese and wine upon arrival, and you can be absolutely sure that we took them up on that offer.


Am I allowed to move in here? Seriously, you can’t make me leave.


Unobstructed views from our room.


Breakfast was 10/10. Not pictured: 12 pancakes, a plate full of bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, more fruit, mimosa(s).

St. Augustine offers an advantage that many other touristy destinations do not: history. One could spend the entire day trekking around the city simply perusing all of the ancient landmarks alone. The Cathedral of St. Augustine was incredible – I’m not sure if we were actually allowed inside, but we walked in anyway (oops). They do hold services every Sunday that are open to the public!



The Lightner Museum, formally the Alcazar Hotel. This place is supposedly haunted; if you’re lucky you can occasionally see the knight in shining armor jump down from his post and chase you around the lawn. Just kidding.


Castillo De San Marcos offers a firsthand look at life during the colonial era. It is essentially a huge fort that was used to a) hide from the bad guys and b) shoot giant cannonballs at them. I equated it to a real-life castle. It was pretty cool.



If nothing else, go on a carriage ride around the city. It sure beats walking on a scorching summer day, and your tour guide probably knows a lot more about the local culture than you do. We opted for a haunted carriage ride – and it was a experience that I’ll never forget. I think we spent more time laughing than we did being scared, but I did find an orb in one of the pictures I took while passing by a cemetery. Spooky.


We dined at many restaurants along the way, but one that really made a lasting impression in my head was La Herencia Cafe. All day breakfast, you have my heart.


For dinner, Cellar 6 was our top choice. The Italian cuisine was to die for, and the wine was phenomenal. It was located right in the heart of St. Augustine, with plenty of shops & historical sights in walking distance.


Our final stop was the beach. I was pleasantly surprised at how empty it was. Do people even know that St. Augustine has a beach? Well, it does, and it’s awesome.


What are some of your favorite activities to do in historic St. Augustine?





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