Spring Fever: White Lace Maxi Dress


Ever since I was a little girl, spring has been one of my favorite seasons. My mom used to hide 100 (this is no exaggeration) plastic eggs filled with the most delightful candies all throughout her one-acre property, and I’d spend countless hours attempting to uncover each and every one. Occasionally she’d give me small hints as to where one might be hiding, but nevertheless, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment after discovering them all. In addition to copious amounts of chocolate, spring also brings the highly anticipated arrival of the Easter bunny. Really, how could anyone dislike such a festive holiday? This year I flaunted a gorgeous white maxi dress from Lauren Nicole to our annual gathering, along with my brand-new monogrammed purse from Marley Lilly. I have to say – this is my first monogrammed item that I’ve ever received, but I feel a slight obsession coming on. Sorry in advance, bank account.

DSC_0033 DSC_0062 DSC_0067 DSC_0167 DSC_0190 DSC_0196

Dress – Lauren Nicole  | Bag – Marley Lilly  | Heels – Necessary Clothing



  1. May 6, 2016 / 1:01 am

    I shy away from maxi dress bec of my petite frame, but your dress is perfect and you look great 😉 I really want to try this style now. I was surprise though to read on the last part that it is white, nevertheless, I love it 😉

    ♥ from http://www.expatpetite.blogspot.com

    • Michele May 12, 2016 / 9:04 pm

      Thanks, Glenda! This was such a fun outfit, I might just wear it year-round!

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