Pumpkin Pickin’ + My Fall Favorites

Nothing symbolizes the return of fall quite like a plethora of pumpkin patches sprouting up all over town. Pumpkins themselves are meaningful, delicious if used the right way (and that absolutely does not include pumpkin spice lattes), and when grouped together in strategic form, make sublime backdrops for both bloggers and families alike. But do you know the history behind the long-standing tradition of pumpkin carving? The fruit itself (yes, pumpkins are fruits!) is believed to have originated in Central America over 7,500 years ago. The ritual of carving pumpkins can be attributed to the ancient Celtic cultures in Ireland, who would sculpt faces into a myriad of vegetables—primarily turnips and squash—on All Hallow’s Eve, as part of their autumnal celebration in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. Irish immigrants later brought the unique tradition to America, and upon discovering a vast supply of pumpkins, dubbed the pumpkin as the official fruit for carving Jack O’ Lanterns. Not making any assumptions here, but it seems like a pumpkin might be slightly easier to whittle into than a piece of squash. Stellar decision-making on their part.

Now that your brief, albeit important history lesson is over—let’s talk about fall. Growing up in Florida, we were afforded a single, year-round season: summer. While not the worst thing in the world (only a real Floridian can say they spent Christmas Day at the beach), you don’t get enthused about seasons the way people living in the rest of America do. This fall, I decided to take full advantage of the brisk temperatures, changing leaves, and abundance of pumpkin patches scattered amongst verdant fields of grass.
One of my BFF’s (you can follow her on Instagram here) bought a shiny new camera a few weeks ago, and she volunteered to take a few pictures of me doing what I do best: laughing at inanimate objects. What? Pumpkins aren’t funny to you guys?

I normally don’t buy garments that make me appear translucent, but this BB Dakota top was an obvious exception. The soft, feminine color immediately caught my eye while I was shopping, and I knew it’d be the perfect compliment to any fall outfit. I just adore the floral patterns embellished throughout the top, and the lace sleeves made me feel like a princess. The white jeans are from LOFT; I bought them on sale a couple of months ago from the petite section, and I’m confident I wear them at least once a week. The grey suede heeled boots, which are clearly the star of the ensemble, were purchased from Nordstrom last winter, and evidently I know how to pick my investments because these babies are still in mint condition.

Shop this look: Top – BB Dakota | Jeans – LOFT | Heeled boots – Zappos (originally bought at Nordstrom, but these are almost identical)

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite fall fashions. I’m really into sweater dresses right now (minimal effort + chic look, what more could a girl want?), and I recently bought my first pair of Hunter boots, so I’d highly recommend you snag a pair while they are still on sale. Happy November!


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