26 Things To Do Before 26


Can someone out there tell me how the month of December managed to creep up on all of us so fast?! Not to mention the fact that I recently turned – gasp – 25!  Commence the quarter-life-crisis (this is a real thing). I know you’ve all probably heard the ‘new year, new me’ speech about a thousand times, but before you roll your eyes at me: hear me out. I’ve had a particularly rough year and by vowing to morph into a new me, I pledge to A) change the way I look at life and B) start living my life to the fullest. The tough times are inevitable, but I have learned that your attitude is everything. In the spirit of the new year, I’ve put together a bucket list of activities that I am going to physically force myself to partake in before my next birthday.


26 Things To Do Before 26

1.  Vacation somewhere new and exciting. Los Angeles, CA, Portland, Oregon, and New York City are all on my bucket list.

2.  Work out at least three days a week. This does not include my morning ab routine of one sit-up when I get out of bed.

3.  Go skiing. Watch out bunny slopes, I’m coming for you.

4.  Fall in love. After a year full of heartbreaks, you’d think this was the last thing I’d want to do, but I’ve learned that closing myself off to the world and to love is not the right answer.

5.  Take a cooking class. I’ve managed to teach myself how to cook the basics over the years and I have yet to burn my house down, but I would love to expand my culinary knowledge.

6.  Join a club of some sort. A sure-fire way to get out of my comfort zone!

7.  Leave the country. America is great and all, but I’m ready to see what else is out there.

8.  Volunteer for an organization that is near & dear to my heart. I have quite a few of these in mind!

9.  Try new restaurants/foods. This will be the year I force myself to like sushi.

10.  Get an article published on Huffington Post. I recently got accepted to be a contributor to the HuffPost, so I’m halfway there!

11.  Make an effort to reach out to people I’ve lost touch with. Shout out to all of you – I miss ya’ll.

12.  Switch up my look. I’ve had long, brown locks since I was about, um, 5. I think my mom forced bangs upon on me during my early elementary years, but since then I’ve virtually had the same look.

13.  Read more books. There are so many wonderful novels that I have yet to read; I vow to allocate more time for these.

14.  Build something. I’m not exactly a handy-(wo)man, but I do have some DIY ideas brewing in my head.

15.  Run a 5k in 30 minutes or less.  I run the Corporate 5K every year for my mom’s company, and although I always manage to finish, my times are laughable.

16.  Get better at painting. Everyone should do more of what they love.

17.  Move to a new city. Orlando, it’s been real – but I’m 25, and I’m feeling like it’s time.

18.  Save more money than I spend. With a coffee and handbag addiction, this is easier said than done.

19.  Go camping. I went for the first time this past year, and aside from the company (ha), I actually enjoyed myself.

20.  Write an ebook. How to start a lifestyle blog without selling your soul 101? The possibilities are endless.

21.  Stop eating sweets. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD.

22.  Start a garden. I live in an apartment, so a mini-garden situated on my balcony will have to do.

23.  Adopt a dog. Okay, I know I already have one, but you can never have too many puppies. And by adopting, you are saving a precious life!

24.  Learn how to use my camera. I mean, I can obviously take pictures with it, but I typically shoot on automatic. I’d like to learn how to use all of the different settings associated with it.

25.  Make an income from blogging. This is a pretty serious goal, but we’ll see where next year takes me.

26.  Live more, love more, and laugh more. I’d say these are pretty self-explanitory.


What are some of your goals for the new year?



  1. December 14, 2015 / 3:02 pm

    Hey girl!

    I absolutely love this! I am actually working on my version of this list so THANK YOU for the inspiration! <3

    • Michele December 14, 2015 / 11:22 pm

      No problem, love! I wrote this so I would hold myself accountable for actually going through with these (or failing to), but I am glad that I could inspire you to make a list of your own!

  2. January 5, 2016 / 1:04 am

    What an amazing looking site! I enjoyed this post thoroughly. Perhaps inspired me to do a similar post, except I’m 32 😉 What great goals!

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