Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress

lilly pulitzer dress

Although I’ve spent the last five years residing in Orlando, there are days when I’ll happen to make a wrong turn somewhere along my designated route and find myself in an entirely new neighborhood. It’s almost overwhelming how big the city is – both Disney and UCF even have their own area codes. Although we don’t hold a candle in comparison to large metropolitan areas such as New York City or Boston, for a small town girl like myself, it’s a lot to take in at times. While on an adventure with Melrose last week, we somehow ended up on a charming little one way road full of the most gorgeous flowers and homes. We decided to park the car, hop out, and conduct an impromptu photo shoot. I was wearing my brand new Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress that I had just purchased on sale a few days prior, and the bright colors were super noticeable in front of the white tones on the home. According to my Snapchat filter, it was approximately 97 degrees outside, so we moved hastily.

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Also, notice the progression of my hair in these pictures. It morphs from perfectly straight, to a few minor waves here and there, to looking like I stuck my hand into an electrical socket (hello, frizz). Gross. Florida girl problems.


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  1. July 6, 2016 / 1:53 am

    I love the vibrant colors of your dress paired with those nude sandals, stunning!! But your hair looks amazing 🙂

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