Fun in the Sun: Spunky One-pieces + Shimmery Kimonos


After months of careful deliberation of whether or not I could pull one off, I finally bit the bullet and bought a one piece. I debuted this colorful swimsuit for the first time at the pool last weekend, and although there was minimal sunshine, my colorful ensemble was bright enough to illuminate the entire terrace. I’m head over heels for this stunning white woven kimono from SheInsider that essentially aided in pulling the entire outfit together. I came extremely close to falling into the pool several times during the photo shoot; however, I somehow managed to avoid this calamity. It also started raining shortly after we arrived, hence why the entire pool deck is empty. All disasters aside, a good time was had by all.

kimono kimono kimono 10

The depth of the pool only goes up to 5 feet, which is reassuring for a gal who stands at a measly 5 feet 2 inches. The water was lukewarm, and although I’m sure many would tend to disagree, I thought the temperature was absolutely perfect. I’m not particularly looking forward to cooler weather, but luckily I reside in Central Florida, so I can rest assured that this won’t be happening anytime soon.

kimono 1314meedit

Kimono – SheInsider | Bikini – Lauren Nicole | Shoes – Lauren Nicole | Bracelet – Blu Dulce (similar style)



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