Floral Print Dress

I’ve never been one to follow conventional fashion trends. Instead, I tend to gravitate towards classic looks: styles that are clean, traditional, and timeless. When crop tops became all the rage in the late 2000’s, I put my foot down and refused to participate in the madness. With the exception of my favorite pair of flats, leopard print has never been flattering on me—and high-waisted shorts? I’m still waiting for that trend to dwindle into obscurity. Although you’ve probably seen me sport vibrant shades of lipstick from time to time, that’s about as adventurous as I’ll ever get when it comes to fashion. I know what works for me, and I’m sticking to it.

When you have Chanel taste and a Forever 21 budget, you often find yourself perusing the Sale section of any given website. I’m obsessed with the color pink (as if that wasn’t totally obvious already) and I adore floral prints, so naturally when I saw this dress for sale online at LuLus, I just knew I had to have it. It has since gone back to being full price, but honestly, it’s such an adorable garment that I wouldn’t have minded shelling out the extra cash.

What am I doing with my hands? 

I paired this charming little dress with a pair of classic black heels and a basic black satchel that I purchased at Macy’s a few years prior. You may or may not be able to tell from looking at the pictures, but I’m also wearing pantyhose because I have the complexion of an actual ghost. I’ve never been very skilled in the hair department; however, I decided to give the ‘Ariana Grande Ponytail’ my best attempt for date night. For the record, I lost a lot of hair and a lot of patience throughout the process. Would not recommend.

Shop this look: Dress – Lulus | Heels – Lord and Taylor | Purse – Tory Burch (similar style)

Happy Monday! 


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