What’s in My Bag

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Simply Summer’s Eve®. 

I don’t always carry my entire life in my bag with me, but—who am I kidding, overpacking might as well be my middle name. While most people tote around just the day-to-day essentials, I like to ensure that my purse is stocked with anything and everything a girl could possibly need, whether I’m summoned to an impromptu meeting at work or have to fight for survival during a full-on zombie apocalypse.

Editor’s note: The inside of bag actually looks like a hurricane hit 24/7. The level of tidiness you’ll observe in the following images is only for photographic purposes.

Since I’m a millennial who eats mass quantities of avocado toast, it should come as no surprise that I need my phone attached to my hip at all times. As much as I hate to admit it, working in marketing conditions one to check social media pretty regularly. My tweets don’t write themselves, guys. I also carry around a pair of headphones because you never know when you’ll have to ward off conversations from strangers or engage in a full-on jam session with Beyoncè.

Impeccable hygiene is at the top of my priority list, thus you’ll never catch me without the following: deodorant, a travel-size bottle of perfume, a miniature hairbrush and an endless supply of hair ties. I don’t wear large amounts of makeup as of late, but I always make sure to bring at least one vibrant shade of lipstick, a good concealer, bronzer to illuminate my face after a long day and chapstick for when cooler weather inevitably strikes. Personal care is is so important, but often overlooked.

My next staple is one of my favorite products: Simply Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths. The wipes themselves are balanced to a woman’s natural PH, gently cleansing away any bacteria that can cause odor and other problems. They are the perfect size to throw in your bag—no matter how big or small it may be—and will help you stay refreshed and emanate confidence all day long. You go girl! The chemical-free, alcohol-free AND paraben-free cloths come in 3 clinically-tested safe scents: Coconut Water, Mandarin Blossom and Cucumber Lily.

And finally, the essentials: my keys, my wallet, sunglasses, a pack of gum (preferably fruity, but I have been known to settle for spearmint), and the latest issue of one of of my best-loved local magazines. I also drink an uncanny amount of water every day, so I never leave the house without a water bottle tucked away in my bag. Most days, I wonder how it all fits.


What’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without? 



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