How I Keep My Skin Hydrated During the Summer

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When I learned that Texas would soon be my new home, I was ecstatic about a multitude of things: consuming large quantities of breakfast tacos, floating down a lazy river with a glass of wine in tow, attending UT games, perusing local boutiques, and living and working right in the heart of downtown, to name a few. One thing I wasn’t particularly excited for? Three continuous months of 100+ degree temperatures. Spending the majority of my life in Florida, I thought I was conditioned to withstand the scorching summer sun. WRONG. As it turns out, I wasn’t even remotely prepared to spend a summer in Central Texas. One doesn’t know the true meaning of ‘hot’ until they walk three steps out of their apartment and immediately feel sweat accumulating across their forehead and upper lip. Sweat mustaches are not cute, ya’ll. Needless to say, this change in climate has caused my skin to suffer (and made me appreciate the modern-day luxury of air conditioning that much more).

I’ve used a variety of different body washes in the past, but I can’t say that I ever felt like I was hooked on one… until now. While shopping at my local Walmart a couple of days ago (I went for 3 things and ended up with about 30—does anyone else find this to be a common theme in their lives?), I made a swift turn down the Personal Care aisle and was instantly drawn to the bright colors of Tone® Body Wash. The bottle was a shade of bubblegum pink and the wash itself was made from pink peony and rose oil. Obviously, it was love at first sight. I scooped up two fun and fabulous scents: Petal Soft and Mango Splash.

What I enjoyed the most about these products—in addition to the vibrant display and delightful aromas—is how incredibly soft they made my skin feel after just one wash. After a long day in the sun, the body wash helped my skin feel rejuvenated almost immediately. It’s not easy keeping your skin hydrated in a dry heat, but Tone® Body Wash truly works wonders. There were 8 different scents to choose from, but I picked the ones that I did (Petal Soft & Mango) because I’m a huge proponent of floral/fruity fragrances. The Petal Soft scent smelled heavenly and made me feel feminine, while the Mango scent reminded me of a hair product that my beautiful grandma (who was very fashionable herself) once used, and that nostalgic feeling caused me to favor it even more. Right now, Ibotta is offering $2 off when you buy two Tone® Body Wash products, so there is no better time than now to try one of these amazing washes. You can also check out their Instagram page for some fun summer inspiration.

Of course, keeping your skin hydrated shouldn’t stop at finding the perfect body wash. I also strive to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day—as the Institute of Medicine recommends—and lather my skin from top to bottom in sunscreen any time I spend more than 20 minutes in the sun. Austin boasts a plethora of nature-related activities, so finding a crisp body of water—whether natural or artificial—to soak in can certainly help one cool off. With that being said, I’ve found that one of the best ways to beat the heat is to literally stay out of it. That’s right, I’m actually encouraging you to become a hermit during the summer months. I’ve swapped my weekly runs for workouts on DVD that can be done directly from the comfort and privacy of my living room and I’m pretty sure I’ll never look back. Oh, and for the love of everything, always remember to park in the shade. It’s entirely possible to get a third-degree burn from your dashboard when the inside of your car is exceeding 120 degrees; I know, because it’s happened to me.

Now that I’ve shown you guys #HowITone, what helps you keep your skin hydrated during the summer months?


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