I am a Marketing Manager and Freelance Writer specializing in fashion, lifestyle, marketing trends, branding, social media, travel, health, beauty, food, and event content. My work has appeared in several prominent media publications and I have written copy for a variety of different mediums, including newspapers, magazines, press releases, and blogs. At present time, I offer affordable rates in exchange for the following services: freelance writing, guest blogging, copywriting, social media management, and promotional and print modeling. Additionally, Written With Love offers a variety of advertising opportunities, as listed below. For collaborations, advertising, and all other inquiries, I can be reached at My professional portfolio can be found here.

Creative and ambitious women between the ages of 18-35, who are interested in fashion and beauty, traveling, advancing their careers, and living happy and healthy lifestyles. 

I provide a variety of different advertising opportunities including: sponsored blog posts, social media promotion, brand ambassadorships, product reviews, and event coverage. As a general rule of thumb, I only collaborate with brands that align closely with Written With Love and/or that I vehemently support.

Sponsored Blog Post

$150 – The most popular option, this is a 500+ word article which will include high resolution photos and links to your website and social media channels. For a small supplemental fee, I can also provide an honest and in-depth review of your product or service. In addition to offering exposure for your brand, I will cross promote the content on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook within a week of curating the blog post.

Social Media Promotion

$50 – Raise awareness about your service, product, or hashtag campaign to my 10,000+ combined followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Brand Ambassadorships

Rates vary – If your product or service is relevant to Written With Love, I’d love to create an ongoing partnership with your brand that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Contact me to discuss your ideas and rates.

Event Coverage

Rates vary – I am available to host and/or cover  fashion, beauty, travel, or career related events within a 20-mile radius of the Austin, Texas area.


Media kit available upon request.

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