Apartment Tour: Our Cozy Austin Abode

I have some REALLY EXCITING news to share with you guys (okay, there’s a small possibility I may have hyped it up a bit): I finally finished decorating Andrew and I’s apartment! It took me approximately 11 months, but I did it. Although it’s just a rental (a really nice one at that), I’ve always felt strongly about creating spaces that feel warm and congenial. I wanted the home to exemplify my personality, but also appear welcoming to our friends and family who visit. Andrew is a wonderful partner in many ways; one of these being he allowed me 100% creative direction in furnishing and decorating our apartment. As much as I tried to pick out art and other garnishings that were gender neutral, a lot of our decor has a chic/feminine feel to it. But that’s alright – because it all came together beautifully in the end.

With Pinterest being my main source of inspiration, I was able to turn this house into a home on a relatively tight budget. Target, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby were my primary go to’s, but I did find some hidden gems (including the most adorable wall canvas from Photowall) at a variety of smaller stores. In no particular order, I present to you our humble abode:

The Bedroom 

My dog follows me everywhere, so naturally, she ended up sneaking her way into this picture. Our exceptionally comfortable queen-sized mattress and plush tufted headboard, both of which were purchased from Mattress Firm last Christmas, are probably the priciest items in this room. Both nightstands were purchased at Kirklands several years ago, and they’ve certainly stood the test of time; they’ve been through more moves than I can count. The beautiful white bedspread adorning our bed – an Amazon Prime find – is not only incredibly soft, but also survived a full cycle in the washer and dryer, so I’d definitely consider that a win. All of the frames, lamps, flowers, wall art and vase are from HomeGoods, while the extremely large (and expensive – but totally worth it) mirror in the corner is from West Elm.

The Dining Room 

I’m such a fan of our dining room because of all the natural light our three, massive sized windows bring in. For this reason, you won’t find curtains hanging anywhere in the house, with the exception of the bedroom. Our dining room table was bought at a small furniture store located in Melbourne, Florida a couple years back, and I’m pretty sure they don’t have a website. Sorry, ya’ll. The flowers and vase are both from Pier 1.


The Kitchen

I spend a significant amount of time in this room, so I needed it to be winsome and functional. I think I did alright. The kitchen towels are from Anthropologie, the recipe box from Rifle Paper Co., and the utensils from Kate Spade (the ‘Queen of Southern Cuisine’ spatula is actually from Paula Deen’s amazing store in Savannah, GA).


The Living Room

Aside from the weird glare, I think our living room is pretty darn cute. I won’t go into detail because there are too many things in this photo to cover, but know that I put a lot of work into this room. 


The Home Office

This room was nothing more than an accumulation of our junk for the longest time – until I decided to transform it into our home office. The wall is essentially a shrine to Andrew (I had to give him something to decorate!), while my girly art adorns the desk.

On the desk itself, one can find a diverse collection of trinkets, including local magazines, my Day Designer planner, writing utensils, and usually a candle or two. Love!

How cute is this little guy?! Obviously, I saved the best for last. Since we had 3 bare walls in the office that needed some sort of decoration, I decided to order a fun canvas from Photowall. I asked Andrew to pick out his favorite one, and he decided on this happy sloth, who, so far, has lived up to his title. The shipping was also extremely fast, considering it arrived here all the way from Sweden. I’m obsessed. Order your own happy sloth here, or browse through their massive collection of art murals.

Happy Saturday! If you have any questions or need to know where I bought a particular item, feel free to ask away! 


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