(yeah, try saying that five times fast)

Written With Love, a life and style blog, provides fashion and beauty advice, travel tips, and career inspiration for the ambitious woman. I started the blog in November of 2014 as a creative outlet to document all of my favorite outfits, advice I’ve collected over the years, quirky ideas, travel tips, and recipes – kind of like a diary, except on the internet for everyone to read. While I’ve only been on this planet a mere quarter of a century, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned so far – hence the birth of my blog. As far as fashion goes, I wouldn’t say that I have one particular style. I do tend to flock to pinks and pastels, but I’ll try anything if it catches my eye.  I am a serial wanderlust and my goal to travel to as many places as I possibly can in my lifetime. My mission for this blog is to encourage women to feel happy and confident in their skin, take risks, chase their dreams, and above all else, become poised leaders in all aspects of life.

Favorite Thing in My House: My dog, Mocha
Favorite Color: Pink, duh.
Favorite Show(s): The Office and Sex and the City
Favorite Singer(s): John Mayer, Jake Owen, and Luke Bryan
Favorite Band(s): Backstreet Boys (4 EVER), Spice Girls, Passion Pit, and Foo Fighters
Favorite City: Savannah, Georgia
Favorite Country: Norway, although I haven’t been in 20+ years!
Celebrity Crush(s): Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber (OMG)
My Guilty Pleasure: Anything SWEET!

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