Michele with one “l”, road trip extraordinnaire and cookie connoisseur

Written With Love is a life and style blog based out of Austin, TX  that aims to provide fashion and beauty recommendations, travel tips, and career inspiration for the bold and ambitious woman. I started Written With Love in November of 2014 as a creative outlet to document all of my favorite outfits, advice I’ve collected over the years, quirky ideas, travel tips, and recipes. While I’ve only been on this planet a mere quarter of a century, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned so far.  I am a serious wanderluster at heart and my goal to travel to as many places as I possibly can in my lifetime. As far as fashion goes, I wouldn’t say that I have one particular style. If I had to summarize it in one word, it would be ‘Classic’. I do tend to flock to pinks and pastels, but I’ll try anything if it catches my eye (with the exception of high-waisted shorts. That’s one trend I just cannot get behind).

Favorite Thing in My House: My dog, Mocha
Favorite Color: Pink, duh.
Favorite Show(s): The Office and Sex and the City
Favorite Singer(s): John Mayer, Jake Owen, and Luke Bryan
Favorite Band(s): Backstreet Boys (4 EVER), Spice Girls, Passion Pit, and Foo Fighters
Favorite City: Savannah, Georgia
Favorite Country: Norway, although I haven’t been in 20+ years!
Celebrity Crush(s): Ryan Gosling *heart eyes*
My Guilty Pleasure: Anything SWEET!

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