27 Fashionable Winter Coats Under $100

Ahhh, winter. We’ve had a love/hate relationship for quite some time now. There are the obvious downsides: the fact that the air hurts my face (why do I live somewhere where the air hurts my face?), the lack of outdoor activities and the mental anguish one is forced to experience each morning when attempting to get out of bed. On the other hand, I love being able to throw on an oversized coat and call it an outfit. Winter is the holy grail to lazy girls (ahem, me) because with the right coat, looking cozy and chic requires minimal effort.

Shop this look: Coat – Nordstrom | Boots – Hunter | Gloves –  Nordstrom

Since we still have a few more months of enduring less-than-enjoyable temperatures, I’ve linked to 27 of the most fashionable winter coats I could find. I promise that none of these will make you look like you’re a walking, talking, abominable-snowman (yeah, I’m referring to those full-length puffer jackets. But before you get angry at me, I HAVE ONE).

The best part about this list? Every single one of these winter coats is under $100. Enjoy! XO


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